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“No matter how good a product is, without marketing is a product unknown to the market“

If you are someone who wish to make a difference to the safety we have in the motorist industry, do contact us!

The People We Want Work With

We want to connect with influential bloggers of similar niche.

Hit Air is a protective gear, which is about 10 times more effective than armoured technology, yet isn’t bulky or ugly at the same time.

Meanwhile we are looking to work with Internet marketers.  Are you either a blogger or wish to partner with us as an affiliate marketer?

Please drop me an email with your interest at and I will get back to you as soon as we can.

The People We Love To Meet

The number of employees hired as riders are growing rapidly. The fatigue contributed by the long hours spent on the road as well as the climate in Singapore can be potentially pose danger, to their lives.

We hope to serve and enhance the safety of the riders by providing an added protection in the event of misfortunate resulted from dehydration and heat stroke.

We would love to collaborate with concerned decision makers and safety officers from relevant industries and organization.

Please drop me an email at [email protected] for us to make an appointment to assess our products.

The People Who Can Help The Customers

Are you a Business owner with interest-free instalment payments available at your POS.

Due to our limitations faced in a start up, I cannot stock up too many inventory as it poses challenges to my working capital. I will not be able to satisfy customers who needed the product upon purchase if the stocks we hold goes out of stocks.

Also, Hit-Air is quite expensive due to its quality and its manufactured in Japan. An interest free instalment will help ease the user greatly and allow more to be protected without limitations. 

If you are a keen business owner who wish to be our partner and is a instalment interest free merchant with banks, please email us your interest at