Our Story

“The currently available protective gears is not complete!!”



That major concern was unveiled after a friend of mine passed away from a collusion that had him flung off his bike. The impact apparently stopped his heart and he suffered a few broken ribs. The irony is he was that safety guy in our circle, always in his expensive full-faced helmet, motorbike gloves and mesh jacket to protect him from skid related situations. His passing invoked a realization in us; the current protection is not adequate enough and there is more room for improvement.

We have sourced for months and we are delighted to announce we’ve managed to partner with Japan, to bring you the world’s most trusted brand and quality Air-Bag protection to every rider. Together we can prevent that same history that cost my friend’s life, from repeating itself.


If you are a concerned rider, I am glad to introduce you the solution.


We don’t deny that high quality products that not made in China comes with a steep price tag. In return, we promise you products that are highly reliable, built with premium quality material and designs to make you look good while being protected.


Japan makes a limited amount of jackets each day. Save yourself from the wait and buy yours today! Price may increase when production cant keep up with demands, but we promise you we will do my best to keep the price at it’s lowest for as long as we can.


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Typical hospitalization fees and medical attention after collusion can easily rake up to thousands of dollars- that happened to my dad. Not only did he paid thousands of dollars for the medical bills, his company decided to dismiss him soon afterwards, as he was not being able to contribute to the company’s growth due to the long medical leave.


By investing on one’s safety, we can prevent the liabilities of heavy medical bills and the opportunity cost that could cost us our jobs. More over, the jackets are reusable as long as the air big is not damaged. If damage, we can get the airbag replaced by sending it to Japan or we offer trade-in rebates.


Hit Air is already serving more than 250,000 people worldwide which in turn, saved their lives and money spent on medical bills. Safety was underrated in the past but safety awareness have becoming encouraging today. More government bodies are taking up our product to protect their men because they see the concern and importance of safety.


We take great pride in helping to protect motorcyclist and motorcycle-mounted police worldwide. We are proud to be chosen for their trusted protection. Below is the timeline of world government bodies using our air bag jacket.






By being our consumers, we offer you royalties of $50 for each friend you recommend the product to, because you care. Just have them to quote your unique number, which will be given to you after your purchase. This perk is only reserved for our users, because users knows best. 


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P.S. This video resonate in our minds all the time and I thought it would be good to share with you too. Just goes to show how much we can save when we invest in protective gears. So hesitate no more for i sincerely believe that we cannot place a price tag on our lives.