“Great product, I think it saved my life or perhaps kept me from getting paralyzed. Was wearing it at the track, racing my 1000cc 195HP Kawasaki Ninja. Cold weather, cold tire high sided. I flew up in the air at 80mph and landed upside down on my head, on the asphalt. Broken my neck, chipped some vertebrates on my back, cracked 3 ribs. Fortunately, the vest properly inflated and I believe it helped minimize some of the injuries and possibly helped to prevent my spinal cord from getting severed. Just make sure the CO2 gas canistered is armed (safety clip removed) and you have the arming cable snapped into the harness on the bike, otherwise it won’t activate. First thing I did after getting out of the hospital 3 1/2 weeks later was to check to make sure the vest had inflated, because while recuperating in the hospital I couldn’t remember if I had properly armed it. But yes, I did arm it. The EMT’s cut it off my body, ruining the inflatable bladders. I wish they had just unsnapped it from my torso. Now, I have to go buy another one.”

– John Andrews (quoted from Amazon)


“I got to test this vest on July 10, 2015 on a California interstate freeway at 65 mile per hour! I hit the pavement after a couch fell off a truck in front of me. I did pray before I left home so must give God the ultimate credit but sure glad he had me buy this vest!! Don’t get on a horse or motorcycle without one!”

– C.Nester (quoted from Amazon)


“So far so good. The vest fits comfortably over all my jackets. It’s reasonably light weight and looks good, sort of mad max tech looking. It doesn’t contribute to overheating very much. I have stepped off the bike several times without unhooking and tugged it pretty hard and it didn’t deploy. After a few times of doing this I don’t forget to unhook (as often). I occasionally forget to hook in, but I’m training myself.

It does add some weight and bulk but you only notice that when you go take the jacket and vest together and hang them up together. When wearing and riding it’s not an issue. The gas cylinder takes up the right top area, and you can’t really put anything underneath it or it will annoy you.The vest fits comfortably over all my jackets

UPDATED: 08/22/15…Went down at 45 mph….hit a patch of grapes spilled by truck on the roadway on a mountain turn in Napa wine country. Rear tire slid out…next thing I knew I was sliding on an inflated mattress…all in weird slow-mo. Only injury was sore ribs. Boots, pants (Kevlar) and jacket showed good road burn and tear, but vest survived fine and guaranteed it kept me from serious injuries. The CHP guys were amazed and took pictures they were so amazed I wasn’t hurt! I will never ride without the vest!

The white reflective lines show up SUPER BRIGHT in car headlights.

I don’t know, or want to know, how it performs in a crash. So far so good.

Note: I’m a “large” in everything and the large was too small…I had to get an XL.”

– cosmo95687 (quoted from Amazon)


“I am a long distance rider and my choice of riding apparel was the Aerostich Road Crafter. The Aerostich is one of the best riding suits on the market. I have logged thousands of miles wearing my Road Crafter. The Aerostich is especially great for abrasion protection. Protection against abrasion is good, but abrasion is not what can do you the most harm. Injuries to the neck and back are the most serious one can sustain because you could easily end up paralyzed any where along the vertebrae from your neck down to you hips. That is not only bad but sad.

When I discovered the Hit-air, I knew I had to have one. I did my independent research and due diligence. This included reading as much as I could find about the testing of the air bag system. I bought the jacket and was very impressed with the quality, workmanship and functionality.

Wearing a jacket that provides me with superior protection against injury to my neck, back and hips (the most vital parts of the body) gives me the peace of mind that ordinary jackets cannot provide. I now have four Hit-air jackets and all of them are comfortable, stylish and very safe. I get compliment from everyone that I show the jackets to. I highly recommend the Hit-air to anyone who is a serious rider and understands the importance of safety.”

– Nick J. Georgia, USA


“I have been riding scooters since I was a schoolboy – for about 35 years. They are convenient, but what I am afraid of is the possibility of falling down. Even if I am careful, sometimes an accident may happen on a wet or frozen road or on a sandy road. So as soon as I saw a motorcycle airbag, I bought one. About one year later, on a Sunday afternoon, rounding a curve near my home, a car stopped abruptly in front of me and I had scarcely put on the brake when I was thrown off the scooter and flying through the air. My airbag vest inflated instantly and covered my neck, chest and back completely before I touched down on the road. I did not feel a shock and after the air came out of the airbag, I took it off and I did not feel any pain on my body. Policemen came around and were surprised that I was not hurt thanks to the airbag jacket. I replaced an air-tube, and wear it whenever I ride on a scooter. I really feel that motorcycle riders especially motorcycle policemen, postmen and motorbike delivery service men should use the Eggparka to reduce the death rate of motorcycle accidents”

– From Mr. H of Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan